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Website Accessibility statement

EQUALS-EU aims to ensure accessibility for all its work, in order to accommodate diverse users. We follow universal design standards and guidelines to ensure that our work is accessible and inclusive.

Our website has been tested by expert testers both in conformance testing as well as testers with different disabilities (as user experience testers).

The accessibility test results helped us to identify the bugs and obstacles. We have managed to fix most of them fully and partially but some remain unresolved to date due to different reasons. Below is the categorization of the bugs (resolved, partially resolved and not resolved). Below we list the errors and bugs we have been able to fix yet. 

Accessibility issues 

We must inform our users on the states of errors that are not yet fixed, so that they are aware of it in case they encounter difficulty in accessing equals-eu website. The below listed are the errors that some users may face.

 1.    The correct operation of the site on all devices – This might affect users who use older devices, and those who use browser other than Chrome and Firefox

2.    Pop-up-error – For screen reader users, the collapsed panel (there is an item per click, until you activate an obscure destination) is in front of the link “go to the main content”.

3.    The search results are not announced. – This may affect people using screen readers.

4.    Use the <fieldset> element to group logically related input elements – This may affect people using screen readers and those using keyboard control to navigate the website.

5.    Ensure landmarks are unique – By giving unique names to the landmark will communicate the purpose of the landmark.

6.    The entire content of the page must contain landmarks.

7.    Multiple elements with navigation roles do not have unique labels – This may affect people using screen readers and people with dexterity impairment using voice control.

8.    The links do not notify the users who open in a new tab or that they are navigating to a third party site. – This might affect people using screen readers.

Our concern about accessibility:

We are concerned about equality in accessibility for our project resources. Our communication team in collaboration with the Website lead and developer, will continue to work on improving our content to make sure that we have less error in our work.

If you find any additional issues when browsing our website or accessing the resources we provide, please use the contact form below (exclusive for accessibility issues).

For other inquiries or issues, contact us here.

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