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Hackathons and Innovation Camps

Hackathons and Innovation Camps

The EQUALS-EU project partners hosted 19 hackathons and innovation camps in European and non-European countries with an aim to generate new ideas to foster gender equality in the digital age:

  • Innovation camps focused on eliminating barriers to sustainable gender equity in the ICT sector and creating a new policy or process solutions for the digital inclusion of women and girls.
  • Hackathons provided an opportunity for new and emerging ICT developers to create technical solutions for gender inequity.

During the hackathons and innovation camps, participants worked in teams to develop their solutions for gender equity and digital inclusion. The project offers further mentoring and training opportunities to the winning teams with an aim to push them towards the creation of women-led start-ups. Here is a quick snapshot of the EQUALS-EU hackathons and innovation camps with the special highlight of winning teams and their proposals. Come and discover the innovative solutions!

Bias Hacked

13 June 2022

Women as Role Models and Active Citizens

30 September 2022

Gender Inclusion in Decision-making

5-7 March 2022 

ICT in Women’s Health

22-23 April 2022

ICT for Social Equality

2-6 May 2022

Universal Design of ICT

23-24 May 2022

Responsible Research and Innovation

24-25 June 2022

Gender in Science and Security

24 June 2022