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GERMANY: ICT in Women’s Health  


ICT in Women’s Health

22-23 April 2022  

The hackathon on “ICT in Women’s Health” was organized online by the University Hospital of Cologne in partnership with EIT Health Alumni Network and MARMAS GmbH on 22-23 April 2022 with 8 participants in 2 teams.  

Winning team & solution:  

Hypnose - an app that integrates AI with exclusive wireless health trackers for pregnant women with insomnia, looking for a solution without the use of medication. 

© Haifa Mayan (Game design), Yuhui Gan (Medicine) , Salma Ali Addo (Medicine), YiNan Xu (AI engineer)  

Hypnose is an app that integrates AI with exclusive wireless health trackers for pregnant women with insomnia, looking for a solution without the use of medication. Hypnose is designed to provide useful tools for expecting mothers, allow them to connect with experts and keep them in touch with a community.  

team presented on poster


winner team hypnose product prototype

Testimonials from participants : 

’I am so grateful to EQUALS-EU, University Hospital of Cologne, MARMAS, EIT Health Alumni Network, and the European Union for holding such an incredible event online. Although the different time zones has been a challenge for our team, we managed to leverage.  The following are just some of my personal takeaways I learned from working with my team:  

Teamwork is one of the keys to creating a great product. Working with actual professionals in the field of medicine gave the team better insights regarding the problem and possible solutions we could offer. It was motivating to hear a variety of ideas stemming up from a small group of people within a short amount of time. Being able to brainstorm and connect the scattered dots of ideas together is one of the most satisfying experiences I have ever had with the team.  

User experience trumps all. As one of the best practices to maintain in UX Research, being able to be reminded that ‘I am not my user’ by receiving feedbacks and knowing the user’s POV from the users’ personal experiences is a must before deciding what solution to design.  

Design thinking is efficiency’s best friend. With a lot of ideas that everyone in the team can generate any minute, having a guideline, although not linear, is a great help. This gives us a direction to divide bits by bits the problem we want to solve.’’  

Marianne Veronica Punzalan, UI/UX designer of MedSched, expert/jury member

“It’s been a great honour for me to moderate the hackathon. It was fun and instructive at the same time. The line-up of experts was fantastic, and the participants did a great job!”  Dr Marco Masia, MARMAS GmbH and University of Vienna, moderator
“The hackathon was an inspiring event with young, thoughtful, and innovative team members, who are eager to rock, disrupt and make a difference in the future! The talks are very insightful and motivating, with great speakers and mentors. It is a place to be for students and innovators.  The event was well organized with a comprehensive and well-balanced agenda. It would be great to have it on site in the future to meet all the participants to person.” Dr Fei Tian, Yabeo, expert/jury member  
“What a joy having been part of this hackathon, which has lived up to its name, and to have met fascinating people together with the jury, the moderators, and the participants. This has shown how quickly young people can approach each other to get from the research, the development of an idea into its implementing in the shortest possible time – and to amaze us and provide us with stimulus on further thinking. Thank you to all who made this possible.” Patrizia Bartolomeo, UNHCR, expert/jury member   

“It was a unique honour to serve in a team of such accomplished jury experts, which helped in assessing excellent and talented participants who managed to deliver such impressive solutions in such a short time. Of course, this would not have succeeded without the dedication and performance of the hackathon organizers and moderators. It was an excellent experience and I hope to do it again!”  Assoc. Prof Dr Mexhid Ferati, Linnaeus University, expert/jury member

screenshot of faces on digital platform