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2023, EQUALS-EU: Embracing gender equality and diversity to foster STEM careers and social innovation, Claudia Matera, Silvia Spada, Selin Tagmat (ALL DIGITAL)

2023, Inclusive STEM Learning Environments: Challenges and Solutions, Milanovic, I., Molina Ascanio, M., Bilgin, A. S., Kirsch, M., Beernaert, Y., Kameas, A., Saygın, S., Dancheva, T., Sayed, Y., Xhomaqi, B., Covernton, E., Sangiuliano, M., Agaliotis, I., Colli, A., Abrantes, S., Damjanoska, K., Quarta, B., Roig-Vila, R., Niewint- Gori, J., Van der Niepen, P., Gras-Velázquez, A.

Contributing author from EQUALS-EU: Dancheva, T. (GSMA)