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Developing methods for the co-creation of new gender equity solutions

Developing Methods for the Co-creation of New Gender Equity Solutions  

The EQUALS-EU project shares the methodology it developed for the organisation of hackathons and innovation camps so that it can be used widely by others who wish to use it for the generation of further gender equity solutions in their contexts:

The Repository of the Event Planning Materials serves as a basis for launching, implementing and carrying out hackathons and innovation camps including a methodology, as well as templates, toolkits, communication materials, press releases and graphic designs. These universal materials are adaptable to each local context and situation and leaves organizers the room to adjust the overall key messaging to the specifications of their country and community. 

Project partners organized a total number of 19 hackathons and innovation camps during the first two years of the project:

  • Innovation camps focused on eliminating barriers to sustainable gender equity in the ICT sector and creating a new policy or process solutions for the digital inclusion of women and girls.
  • Hackathons were dedicated to designing and developing new ICT products and services. The hackathons provided an opportunity for new and emerging ICT developers to create technical solutions for gender inequity. 

Click here for a quick snapshot of winning teams and their innovative solutions in each country.

The EQUALS-EU project synthesized the outcomes of hackathon and innovation camps to create a Roadmap for the Gender Equity Tools for Digital Inclusion. The objective of the roadmap is to share widely the sustainability and social impact strategies documented by the winning teams in connection with the UN Social Development Goals (SDGs), as well as highlighting the key concepts, value drivers and general approaches for commercialization and scaling that the teams from each country presented in the description and presentation of their solutions.