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SPAIN: Women Entrepreneurship and Leadership on Science Communication  


Women Entrepreneurship and Leadership on Science Communication

28 April 2022  

The innovation camp on “Women Entrepreneurship and Leadership on Science Communication” was hosted by the Galician Enterprise-University Foundation (FEUGA) on 28 April 2022 at the Campus Vida of the University of Santiago with 14 participants in 3 teams.  

Winning team & solution:

Skeirrum - personalised and gamified urban walks through a gender perspective. 

© Cintia Lomb (Music and Chemistry), Erea Rodríguez (Chemistry), Cristina Barcia (Musician) and Teresa Sixto (Enviromental & Life Sciences)  

The winning proposal “Skeirrum” is the creation of personalised and gamified urban walks through a gender perspective, taking inspiration from the concept of “escape room” and transporing it to the scale of streets and neighbourhoods. The main objective of Skeirrum is to promote mindful tourism and heritage , while acknowledging the different legacies, uses, and perspectives of all genders on urban areas, and in particular by debunking women’s stereotypes.   

To date, there are few such gamified urban walks taking place. Not only does Skeirrum aims at expanding this concept, it also proposes a model of “street escapes” that differs from the classic “espace streets” that exist so far. Indeed, its model seeks to promote team building but always from a gender perspective and taking care of including minorities.  

photo of people

  Winning team

Testimonials from participants  

“We have learned a lot of things, mainly with the talks on the gender perspective. We have never seen it like this before and I think it is a new way of thinking that we must consider.Skeirrum team  

“It is essential to have this type of meetings so people with both business and academic concerns can meet and get together… and what better reason than to work on the gender perspective”  

“Women have a lot to say, both in business and in scientific communication” – Eva Cabanelas, expert  

“The most important thing is to encourage people who want to start a business to do so, and all events of this kind seem very important to me.”Maria de la Fuente, expert  

“It is really important to promote female entrepreneurship from a gender perspective because there is a huge deficit of female entrepreneurs. At the European level, only 19% of entrepreneurs are women. Conferences like these can help to change these numbers” – Silvia López, jury member  

“This type of initiative – which brings together several female entrepreneurs, which dedicates a day to learning new methodologies and other types of reflections on entrepreneurship, which puts people at the centre of companies…- I think it is important, necessary and what the world is asking for.” – Eva López, jury member  

“We usually link science with the purer sciences. Something interesting to note about this initiative is that they tried to include social sciences… Not to promote the presence of more women – as it is a predominantly female field – but to incorporate the gender perspective in social science research and projects.”Carolina Lodeiro, jury member  

“I think this type of event is fundamental for women entrepreneurs to get to know each other, to work on methodologies where they can avoid future risks when implementing their ideas and to receive support and advice from experts and a specially selected jury.”Tamara Rodríguez, moderator