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Gender-inclusive innovation workshop at the WSIS 2021

On 21 April 2021, EQUALS-EU Consortium organised an online workshop Gender-inclusive innovation in the framework of the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) 2021.

The workshop centred on how the EQUALS-EU project focuses on three key issues, gender, inclusion and innovation. The project takes a grassroots approach to capacity building, allowing us to activate new stakeholders in gender-inclusive innovation. The project builds on the fantastic work done by the EQUALS Global Partnership.

Dr Anthony Giannoumis of Oslo Metropolitan University and EQUALS-EU project leader moderated the workshop. Six speakers, leaders of key activities in the project, took the stage and presented how EQUALS-EU transfers its key focuses and approaches to concrete actions:

  • Helen Rogne (Oslo Metropolitan University), project’s coordinator, spoke about key concepts and activities of the EQUALS-EU project (watch her appearance here)
  • Dr Caroline Wamala Larsson and Dr Birgitta Rydhagen of Stockholm University presented ongoing work that maps gender equity social innovation ecosystems in 22 countries.
  • Manon Potet and Marie-Adèle Elebe of Missions Publique presented the EQUALS-EU co-creation process for creating innovations in gender equity and digital inclusion.
  • Anne Igenltjørn and Regont Kurtishi talked about the EQUALS-EU plan to transform gender inequity into a sustainable social impact through business development mentorship and work placements for women-led start-ups.
  • Tamara Dancheva of GSMA presented the framework for exchanging knowledge and transfer technology for gender equity in professional development.
  • Borut Cink of ALL DIGITAL presented the communication framework of the project and how we plan to communicate, disseminate and exploit project activities and results.

Video chapters:
3:58​ Introduction to the workshop
5:55​ What is EQUALS-EU?
10:01​ Key activity #1: Mapping of gender inclusive innovation
16:14​ Key activity #2: Co-creating new solutions for gender equity and digital inclusion
22:30​ Key activity #3: Transform gender equity into sustainable impact
31:05​ Key activity #4: Exchanging knowledge and transfer technology for gender equity in professional development
41:20​ EQUALS-EU communication framework
50:45​ How to sign-up for EQUALS-EU newsletter

Photo and workshop recording: World Summit on the Information Society

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