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In the context of the EQUALS-EU project, we recognize the importance of tailoring our lexicon to the linguistic and cultural nuances of each participating country. To achieve this, our consortium partners have made language-specific contributions to the lexicon, ensuring that the terminology and definitions align seamlessly with the national languages and contextual understandings of the respective regions. Below, we present the Croatian contributions that enrich our lexicon, reflecting the diverse and inclusive approach to data collection for our project.

Diversity – različitost, raznolikost

Doslovni prijevod na engleski – diversity

Comments in English: The word “diversity” is often used to refer to the differences between individuals or groups of
people, including differences in race, ethnicity, gender, religion, sexual orientation, and more. It carries a generally
positive connotation, as it is associated with inclusivity and a celebration of differences. However, the way the
word is used and the tone with which it is spoken or written can greatly impact its overall feel.

Primjer fraze: Naziv riječkog programa Europske prijestolnice kulture Rijeka 2020 je bio Luka različitosti. 

Equality – jednakost

Doslovni prijevod na engleski – equality

Comments in English:In practice, equality often involves policies and actions that aim to level the playing
field and eliminate systemic barriers that prevent certain individuals or groups from achieving their full
potential. The concept of equality is an essential component of a just and equitable society, and it is
enshrined in many national and international laws and declarations.

Primjer fraze: Jednakost je naš cilj.

Gender – rod

Doslovni prijevod na engleski – gender

Comments in English: Gender is a complex and multifaceted concept that encompasses a range of traits,
behaviors, and identities, and is influenced by factors such as upbringing, culture, and personal experiences.
Gender is often thought of as a binary concept, with individuals identifying as either male or female, but it
is increasingly being recognized as a spectrum that includes a range of identities and expressions.

Primjer fraze: Za razliku od spola koji je biološki uvjetovan, rod je društveni doživljaj vlastitog spola.  

Gender equity – rodna ravnopravnost, rodna pravednost

Doslovni prijevod na engleski -gender equity

Comments in English: Gender equity refers to the fair distribution of resources, opportunities, and
benefits based on gender, with the goal of ensuring that both men and women have equal access to
these resources. It is a principle that recognizes that historically, women and other marginalized
genders have been excluded from many aspects of society, and aims to address these disparities by
promoting fairness and inclusivity.

Primjer fraze: Rodna je ravnopravnost preduvjet punog ostvaranje svih društvenih kapaciteta.

Inclusion – uključenost

Doslovni prijevod na engleski – inclusion

Comments in English: inclusion refers to the practice of actively involving and valuing individuals
from diverse backgrounds in all aspects of society, including education, employment, social activities,
and more. It is the idea that everyone, regardless of their race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation,
ability, or any other characteristic, should feel welcome and valued in their community and have the
opportunity to fully participate in society. It involves recognizing and addressing systemic barriers
that may prevent certain groups from fully participating in society, such as discrimination, prejudice,
and exclusion.

Primjer fraze: Uključenost je pretpostavka ostvarenja moderne generacije ljudskih prava. 

Mainstream – glavna struja

Doslovni prijevod na engleski – mainstream: introduction in to a prevailing stream

Comments in English: Mainstream refers to the dominant or prevailing trend or perspective in a
particular society or culture. It is the most widely accepted or popular approach, idea, or practice,
and is often considered the norm or standard by which other ideas or practices are judged.

Primjer fraze: Glavnu struju kulture kreiraju institucije i centri moći. 

Marginalisation – marginalizacija

Doslovni prijevod na engleski – marginalisation: push to a margin

Comments in English: Marginalisation can have a profound impact on individuals and communities, leading to
feelings of isolation, powerlessness, and social exclusion. It can also contribute to unequal access to
resources and opportunities, such as education, healthcare, and employment, and can perpetuate cycles of
poverty and disadvantage.

Primjer fraze: Kurikulumi o rodnim pitanjima još uvijek su predmet marginalizacije.  

Sex – spol

Doslovni prijevod na engleski – sex :

Comments in English: The word “Sex” (“seks”) is in the Croatian language has the meaning
of sexual activity, including specifically sexual intercourse.

Primjer fraze: Politika jednog djetata u Kini dovela je do značajne neravnoteže spolova.

Sustainability – održivost

Doslovni prijevod na engleski – sustainability:

Comments in English: Sustainability refers to the practice of meeting the needs of the present
generation without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. It
involves balancing environmental, economic, and social considerations to ensure that we are not
depleting natural resources or harming ecosystems, while also promoting social equity and
conomic prosperity. Sustainability encompasses a broad range of practices and initiatives,
including reducing greenhouse gas emissions, conserving natural resources, promoting renewable
energy sources, reducing waste, and creating sustainable communities that are resilient and
adaptable to change.

Primjer fraze: Promišljanja i politike održivosti na vrhu su prioriteta gradova budućnosti. 

Gender transition – rodna transformacija

Doslovni prijevod na engleski – gender transition

Comments in English:

Primjer fraze: Osobe koje su prošle proces rodne transformacije još uvijek se susreću s
brojnim teškoćama ostvarivanja svojih prava, posebno u zdravstvenom sustavu

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We are aware of the global, legislative, and academic definitions that exist for gender terminologies and the consortium drew from these definitions in tailoring the research tools to their contexts. The EQUALS-EU lexicon does not purport to redefine or displace the existing definitions, our intention is to share through our lexicon the approaches adopted per country when collecting the data for the project. We hope this may inspire and perhaps be a useful tool for those wishing to support and work with more gender-inclusive innovation processes.