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French – Gender Lexicon


In the context of the EQUALS-EU project, we recognize the importance of tailoring our lexicon to the linguistic and cultural nuances of each participating country. To achieve this, our consortium partners have made language-specific contributions to the lexicon, ensuring that the terminology and definitions align seamlessly with the national languages and contextual understandings of the respective regions. Although the survey tools were presented in English, the UK partner incorporated context-specific approaches in how they
engage with these terminologies. Below, we present the English contributions that enrich our lexicon, reflecting the diverse and inclusive approach to data collection for our project.

Diversity – Diversité

Traduction littérale en anglais – diversity

Comments in English: synonyms: hétérogénéité – multiplicité – pluralité – variété
Can characterise objects or persons

Exemple de phrase: Nous avons comme objectif de faire rentrer la diversité dans l’entreprise.
Il y a en France une grande diversité de paysages.

Equality – Egalité

Traduction littérale en anglais – equality

Comments in English: Can have different meanings, but strongly connected to the notion of parity and political, civil and social rights, and absence of any discrimination between human beings.

Exemple de phrase: Liberté, egalité, fraternité

Gender – Genre

Traduction littérale en anglais – gender

Comments in English: “Genre” in French has many synomyms and first refered to “types”, “categories” or “genra”, for exemple: there exist different types (or “genres”) of writing styles, or dolphins. It refers first to a set of features common to beings or things that characterise and constitute a type, a group, a whole; kind, species and is commonly used in biology, linguistic, philosophie, or oral speaker (ex: what is your favourite style (“genre”) of music?). The sociological meaning refering to gendered identities comes from the english gendered, and is a recent concept and use, that carries a academic/sociological and/or feminist/political dimension.

Exemple de phrase: see above for examples

Gender equity – Équité de genre

Traduction littérale en anglais gender equity

Comments in English: The notion of equity generally speaking is not well used in French, even more so in the context of gender equity, while gender equality – which however is most commonly translated as “égalité hommes-femmes” (equality between men and women) is much more wild spread

Exemple de phrase:

Inclusion – Inclusion

Traduction littérale en anglais – inclusion

Comments in English: The notion of inclusion is wild spread and has several meanings across fields, but the most common usage of the word is to to refer to an action aiming to integrate a person, a group, as opposed to social exclusion.

Exemple de phrase: Les enseignants ont pour mission de favoriser l’inclusion des élèves au sein de leurs classes.

Mainstream – Mainstream

Traduction littérale en anglais -mainstream

Comments in English: the English word mainstream is spreading amongst French speakers: it can sometimes
be translated as “courant principal”, meaning a the most common or popular trend or fashion, something
that has been made banal. the use of English words, typically mainstream, remains a social marker however.
It does not carry amongst French speaker a particular reference to gender or gender equity.

Exemple de phrase: Cette coupe de cheveux est devenue mainstream (this hair style has become mainstreamed)

Marginalisation – Marginalisation

Traduction littérale en anglais – marginalisation:

Comments in English: Concept that is well understood but most commonly used amongst CSO, policy and research circles to refer to the action of setting someone apart from society, to place them outside the centre of an activity

Exemple de phrase: Les structures sociales marginalisent certaines couches de la population.

Sex – Sexe

Traduction littérale en anglais – sex :

Comments in English: Well spread usage of the word, commonly used to refer to “gender”, also refers to sexuality

Exemple de phrase:

Sustainability – Durabilité

Traduction littérale en anglais – sustainability:

Comments in English: characteristic of something that ages well, and last long. more and more gaining a political and biological meaning, referring to the character of what is achieved according to the criteria of sustainable development.

Exemple de phrase:

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We are aware of the global, legislative, and academic definitions that exist for gender terminologies and the consortium drew from these definitions in tailoring the research tools to their contexts. The EQUALS-EU lexicon does not purport to redefine or displace the existing definitions, our intention is to share through our lexicon the approaches adopted per country when collecting the data for the project. We hope this may inspire and perhaps be a useful tool for those wishing to support and work with more gender-inclusive innovation processes.